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A Cure from Nature

BLOOMHEAL studies natural materials that grow in the wild at different countries around the world and is a bio skincare brand created to develop safe cosmetics that can be used on sensitive skin, based on its scientific researches and reliable expertise.

“Results can only come fast…”

A strong mask that restores elasticity to skin with contents of complexes that display skin lifting and wrinkle improvement effects.

Take care of elasticity + wrinkles + lifting with one mask

It’s not late - Hexatox is the answer.

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What is the


HEXATOX is often called ‘Botox Peptide’ because the mechanism controlling neural transmission is similar to the Botox protein.
With ingredients effective for improving wrinkles, HEXATOX represses damages to collagen and elastin to enhance skin elasticity and enabled to alleviate signs of early aging since it is directly applied to the neurons of muscles.

Special Complex

Contains abundance of peptide…


Botox Peptide


Luxury Ingredient from France


Five Peptide Compound


Skin Wrinkles Improvements

OBQ Biotechnology

As a member of OBQ, OBQ Bio is a biotechnology division that researches and develops strategic application products that will lead the next-generation bio markets for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceutical products containing physiologically active substances by processing biomaterials.

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